Rich Nutrition

Pari Feeds have been formulated with high quality of proteins with special emphasis on essential amino acids. Keeping in view the general feeding conditions of milking animals, Pari Feeds have been enriched with high TDN and highly bio-available mineral & vitamins.


Animal Gut Friendly

Pari Feeds have been formulated using natural raw materials, so that animals can produce to their fullest potential without disturbing gut environment. The ingredients used in Pari Feeds are friendly to rumen micro flora.


Scientific Approach

Latest science concepts viz. Bypass nutrients, research based additives, highly bio-available minerals, and latest concept of processing have used to make Pari Feeds best in class. Formulated by the experienced nutritionists, Pari Feeds help dairy growers to get best of animal productivity at least possible costs.

Pari Animal Nutrition supplies quality dairy feeds for Indian dairy animals.

Self reliance for dairy growers, milk reliance for India!

Pari Animal Nutrition

About Us

India is, although, the top milk producer in world, but per animal milk productivity is among lowest. Majority of the feeds offered to dairy animals are either deficient or imbalanced in nutrition. As a consequence, we are not able to

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Few Words…

With the time moving, the inputs costs have been moving up. Cost of producing a litre of milk thus, is soaring up continuously but the milk prices have not been increasing in the same dimension.


The profitability has shrunk tremendously and dairy farming is going to suffer if we don't increase our farm efficiency. Feed being the single most significant cost in producing milk needs prime attention. Choosing the animals of best genetics, providing the scientific upkeep and providing appropriate nutrition can ensure your dairy farm profitability.


Pari Animal Nutrition will like to assist progressive dairy farmers in providing best of the nutrition and nutritional knowhow. We will be happy to hear from you.