India is, although, the top milk producer in world, but per animal milk productivity is among lowest. Majority of the feeds offered to dairy animals are either deficient or imbalanced in nutrition. As a consequence, we are not able to exploit the complete potential of our dairy animals. The feeding of imbalanced feed not only increases the cost of producing milk, but also shortens the lactation lengths and increases the problems like infertility.

Pari Animal Nutrition was established for the purpose of supplying quality dairy feeds best suited to the Indian dairy animals. Pari Animal Nutrition is conducted by dairy professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field of Dairy Nutrition and Technical services. All the feeds have been developed keeping in view the potential of Indian dairy animals, the nutritional requirements for critical functions, considering conventional way of rationing and the taste factor preferred by animals.

Our Objective:

Self Reliance for Dairy Growers, Milk Reliance for India


  • Producing High Quality Balanced Cattle Feed
  • Application of optimum technology for processing of animal feeds
  • Utilization of Conventional rations mixing concepts with value addition
  • Help livestock growers in improving farm profitability
  • Create awareness about importance of Balanced Cattle Feed